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Embossing dies are tools that are used for many sorts of applications. We can talk about hot-printing matrices using foil (hot stamping dies) or matrices that do not need it. Most of the time, we have the second type of dies in our minds when we mention engraving dies.

We can divide embossing into two types: debossing and embossing. embossing might be performed without using a patrice (reverse of a matrice), they operate by crushing the used material. Most common application of these dies can be witnessed when book calendars or bookbinding cases are prepared. Brass dies for debossing and heavily etched magnesium dies are perfect for it.

In order to make an intaglio, beside a matrix, it will be necessary to use a patrice, too. Depending on quantity, difficulty level and Customer’s needs it is possible to perform different types of dies. The cheapest and quickest in performance are polymer dies, however, in comparison to magnesium dies and brass dies, they are known for their short lifespan.

Another option are magnesium dies. Thanks to them we obtain very pretty engravings, nonetheless, it is not possible to acquire semicircular or 3D reliefs with their help. There is one additional and important thing to note, brass dies are these types of dies that allow us to have unlimited possibilities to produce various shapes of reliefs, including 3D ones. What is more, they are the most permanent, although their production time is longer.

We always look forward to assisting you in choosing the best technology you need.

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