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In our offer there are magnesium dies, among others. They are also known as chemigraphy dies or etching dies. They have many purposes and here are some of them:

Magnesium dies are excellent for hot stamping, i.e. putting foil by using heat. Magnesium dies for hot stamping are distinguished by their possibility to reproduce the finest details that are difficult to acquire using any other method.

Another process for which chemigraphy dies are remarkable is engraving. In case of engraving, we can talk about intaglio, also known as debossing or we can talk about relief printing, called embossing. Intaglio can be done easily by using etching dies on such thick materials as leather or binding cardboard thanks to dies etched up to 2,8mm.

Relief consists out of two elements –matrice and patrice. Both of the elements can be made of magnesium, however, there is a possibility to combine a magnesium die with a polymer one. We are always eager to consult our Customers and to assist them in selecting the right work tool.

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