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Chemigraphy etching dies, also known as etching dies or magnesium dies, are the matrices for many applications. They are outstanding as dies used for hot stamping process. A special type of application for them is when it comes to structural hot stamping. In such cases, etching dies are irreplaceable because of their precision of replicating the finest details. Magnesium dies are also used as matrices to press. They are used for debossing, e.g. of book calendars, but they prove themselves useful for reliefs where matrices and patrices are used.

Next process, for which chemigraphy dies are dedicated, is currently very popular typographic print. The main advantages of the etching dies are: production time (regardless of the complexity of the image they will be etching), accuracy and good price in comparison to brass dies. In case of doubts, please contact us, we will gladly support you based on our experience and help you to choose the right solution.

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