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+48 61 862 30 63 ul. Sianowska 7, 60-431 Poznań GENERAL TERMS OF CONDITIONS
We are a group of passionate people with everlasting curiosity, who seek new and better solutions to improve the way of hot foil embossing and embossing.

On our opinion only through such an attitude and openness to various Customers’ needs, it is possible to get to the top which we undisputedly have reached. To prove it, we can call ourselves a leader of the industry in Poland, as well as in this part of Europe. Our  company learns from years of our employees’ experience which they collected in polygraphy industry. We also learn a lot from our Customers who often have very high expectations from us and They have become our best teachers.

Grawer Poland has been working for the biggest companies from polygraphy and advertising industries for years. Our brass, magnesium and polymer dies are used in packaging industry of premium type, especially in cosmetics, confectionery and alcohol industries. Thanks to our products it is possible to produce blind and hot foil embossings on paper, cardboards, leathers and ecoleather, wood, and other advertisement.

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