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Polymer Matrices

Polymer matrices

These ones are the cheapest and fastest kind of dies in the production process. Polymers are ideal for a matrice/ patrice stamping and in typographic printing. Polymers are both on hard and soft ground.

Magnesium Matrices

Magnesium matrices

It is a fast and cheap way for hot foil embossing. Chemigraphy etched matrice can reproduce the finest details that are difficult to copy using any other method. Magnesium is also ideally suited for stamping and typographical print.

Brass Dies

Brass dies

Engraved dies are durable and precise tools for hot foil embossing, as well as for all kinds of embossing, including 3D embossing and hot stamping with embossing. These dies are made as flat tools or in cylindrical form.

If your company uses hot-stamping or embossing method, it means that you got the right address. If you use these enhancement you will need dies which we have in our offer. However, you will not find only dies in our offer, but solutions that significantly affect the efficiency of your production as well.

Apart from professional manufacturing of hot stamping dies, we also offer dies for embossing. These dies are for cardboard, paper, metal, leather, eco leather, as well as wood and many other surfaces / materials. Each die is created and customized for individual customers’ orders in accordance with their guidelines regarding material type, its thickness, and method of installation on the machine.

The multiplicity of the methods we use, allows us to comprehensively meet the needs in terms of dies. Our machinery is not only CNC machines which we use to create engraved dies, but also traditional chemigraphy where magnesium dies and machines producing photopolymer dies are made.

We believe that only through offering to our customers all of these types of dies, it is possible to select the tools suited for Customer’s actual needs. After all, quantity, difficulty levels, expenditures, and time to carry out an order are the factors that constantly fluctuate.

Dies have no secrets from us. We believe that the dies for hot-stamping and embossing in themselves are as much important as consulting. We make a lot of effort to advise our Customers to select proper dies as it means easier work for their operators, and sometimes, it is a basis to properly carry out their orders.

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